One, Two, Rougarou

One, Two, Rougarou

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The Rougarou is the Cajun werewolf. In this Louisiana twist on a counting favorite, the Rougarou can be stopped by placing 13 small objects in a line across the doorway.  According to legend, the Rougarou cannot count to 13, but he will keep on trying until sunrise. Come along for the adventure, as a young boy cleverly tricks the Rougarou, and has a lot of fun doing it - this board book is designed to help little ones learn how to count. Original paintings by Cajun artist Alexis Braud showcase her unique style and create the most adorable Rougarou ever seen!


About the Rougarou

Down the bayou, mama and daddy use the Rougarou to make kids behave. Cajun parents tell their children that the Rougarou is going to get them if they don’t act right. The word “rougarou” represents an alternate pronunciation and spelling of the original French “loup-garou.” Both words are used down the bayou. The rougarou is often described as a creature with the head of a wolf or dog and a human body, like a werewolf. The rougarou legend has been handed down for many generations, either directly from French settlers to Louisiana or from the French Canadian immigrants


NOTE: this is a board book for children