Infant Baby Ring

Infant Baby Ring

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For January 2019 we are happy to announce our top selling Baby/Infant Ring is back

in production!  It has been 2 years since we were able to produce this amazing top seller

and with so many requests from you our buyers we are thrilled to offer it again as part

of our collection.  The ring is a size 0.  It is purchased as a gift item, more of a keepsake

than anything.  Consumers usually let the baby wear the ring during a special occasion and

then put it away until the child is grown and can wear it on a chain. (such a special idea)

It is shipped in our classic white box for great presentation.


Each ring is crafted in Sterling Silver and finished with Rhodium/14kt. white gold to

prevent tarnishing.   Be sure to order the ring in both finishes, the other is 14kt. white

gold/Rhodium on the sterling silver. 

Happy Sales!