Me & Henry April 2021 PREORDER

This is our Me & Henry April pre-order. Please be advised of the following terms of purchase:

• Pre-Orders are being taken on this listing from April 7, 2021 until April 14, 2021 • Estimated delivery is on or around April 27, 2021.

• Refunds or cancellations will not be accepted once the item is ordered. The only exception to this is if there is a significant delay in shipment by the vendor.

• The listing is available for in-person pickup. Additional shipping is available from LMAB if local pickup is not accessible. Estimated time to ship an item to customer is 5 days after receiving in-store.

• This is only our 2nd Me & Henry pre-order sale. We are learning as we go. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through any kinks that may come up during the process. Please contact Holly with any questions or concerns regarding your order. We are excited to offer these items to our customers so please share with your friends and family!

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